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Jonathan Harford - Video

Actor Reel

My actor reel is about 4½ minutes long and is composed of eight clips of projects I've worked on. If you want a high-quality copy, just ask. I'd be happy to give you a DVD.

2-minute “Actor Slate”

This is a 2-minute cut of my “Actor Slate”: Actor Slate highlights the actor’s personality so that it is like having a general interview in front of the casting director. Whether an actor has a demo reel or not, Actor Slate can be very powerful. Casting directors always want to ‘get a glimpse’ of an actor’s personality. Actor Slate isn’t about an actor reading lines or a demo reel, it is about actors being themselves.

The 30-second version can be seen at my Actors Access resume (click “Video”)

Short Film: The Switch

2007 dir. Jonathan Emmerling (Untucked Films). This seven-minute short was created for the Tropfest@Tribeca Short Film Festival. Out of 161 entries, it came third. I play Tom, the sad sack who’s so bad with the laydeez he’s never been on a second date. He finally meets an attractive someone who totally “gets” him and “crushes on” him and whatnot, but it’s a dude! Laughter, tears, lessons, etc. ensue.

Watch it here.

Short Film: Trapped!

2005 dir. Bryan D'Alessandro (NYFA). A Boston Motion Picture Awards semifinalist! I love the way it turned out. I'm a psychotic doorman that aids the protagonist with his rodent problem. A Quicktime version can be viewed at

Fun fact: The black-mouse-stuck-to-a-trap that I worked with was actually a small, dead, slowly-defrosting rat that had been painted black. Oh, and the live mouse had mites which freaked out the entire cast and crew.

Short Film: Guidance For Romeo

2006 dir. Dov Frankel (Tisch/NYU). Romeo visits the guidance counselor. This sketch was made for a TV class, and was filmed as “live” television: one long take filmed with three cameras.

Spec Commercial: Wellness Dog Biscuits

2006 dir. Michael Goldburg. Yes, I did actually have to chew on dog biscuits at the end for the closeups. For the shots of me chewing that were further away I got to use shattered granola bars. I had to wave chunks of meat in front of the dogs' noses to make them pay attention to me, then upon “Action!” I would pour warm milk onto the granola bar bits and scoop them up with my spoon.

I could smell the residue from the old meat on my hands as I brought it up to my mouth. Then without cutting, we'd immediately go again which meant I'd have to swallow the sickly-sweet chewed-up bars and repeat my actions. Looks like that shot never made the cut, probably because the dogs were completely uninterested in filming by that point.

Commercial: MTV2's On The Rise

2006 This is, I believe, the “Director's Cut” of the spot; the version shown to midwestern Cox Cable customers has even less of me. Aw. The Sexy Champions were not a real band; they were played by the members of Dynasty Electric. But when the spot aired, Dynasty got so many hits on the website they'd thoughtfully set up that they decided to go ahead and make Sexy Champions a real, sister, band to Dynasty. (On myspace, here's Dynasty, and here's the Sexy Champions.)

I’m a little disappointed at how it turned out, ’cause I came up with all kinds of things to say as my indie-rock-nerd character:

I’ve played this CD of your bootlegs so many times, I’ve practically worn out my CD player. But listen: I’ve got a friend who’s playing downtown tonight at Reilly’s. I really think you guys should stop by and check it out. He’s got a real “Sexy Champions” kind of sound. Maybe you could even play a set. Would you mind… signing this for me? No? Well, do you think I could interview you for my blog? I’ve got this indie music blog. It would just take five minutes. I’ve got my notepad in my bag. I’d really like to introduce Sexy Champions to the blogosphere.

…and you don’t get to hear any of them, ’cause I end up just being in the background.

Music Video: Charlie Munden

2004 dir. Will McCord. I play the eponymous character in this music video for The Preons. A Quicktime version can be viewed at their own site.

TV: The New Yorkers

2006. The New Yorkers is a live open format show featuring a cross section of celebrity and regular guests with highly entertaining and unusual stories to tell. This is for novelty value more than much else, since I don't really act, per se, in it. But it was fun. I've been told that I interview just like a real movie star does.